R K Nursery

Plant hope... Save Tomorrow

Gift a Plant... Gift a Life


Welcome to R. K. Nursery

Welcome to R.K.Nursery, located in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. R.K.Nursery offers a wide range of plants and garden accessories which you can browse.


  • Flowering Plants
  • Hedge Plants
  • Ornamental Plants and Palms
  • Roadside Trees
  • Bonsai and Saikei
  • Vertical Gardens
  • Pots – Plastic, Teracota Soil, Ceramic, Alloy, FRP, LED, Designer
  • Garden Accessories – Artificial Rocks, Decorative stones, Colorful sand, Garden Sticks, Bird Feeders, Bird House, Fountains, Modern Art Statues
  • Garden Tools – All types of scissors, plyers, land mowers, water pipes, showers in all sizes, Moss sticks
  • Bouquet Pots and Terrariums