About us

Welcome to R.K.Nursery, located in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. R.K.Nursery offers a wide range of plants and garden accessories which you can browse, buy and get delivered at your door step. R.K. Nursery is a wholesale as well as retail nursery that extends its services to individuals, landscapers, and other retail nurseries .We provide great quality plants and reliable services at a competitive and affordable prices. R.K. NURSERY is a decade old. We at R.K.nursery help our clients to celebrate gardening and nature in its true colors & creating an unending list of happy customers. Our team at R.K. NURSERY is thoroughly informed about plants, landscaping, garden designing & maintenance and thereby in a position to inspire its clients with the necessary knowledge for creating the perfect garden.

R.K. NURSERY is the single source destination for all kinds of
Nursery Plants – flowering plants, ornamentals, palms, hedge plants and roadside trees, exotic varieties, Fengshui Plants, Bonsai and Saikei.
Garden and Designer Pots
Garden Accessories – Artificial Rocks, Decorative stones, Colourful sand, Garden Sticks, Bird Feeders, Bird House, Fountains, Modern Art Statues.
Garden Tools – all types of scissors, cutters and plyers, Land mowers. We are the dealers of Falcon Products.
We at R.K.Nursery have an unique concept of Bouquet Pots - a smart way to gift!